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Self-Contained Marine Air Conditioning
Installation Instructions

Choose a location that is dry and accessible for service. The air access should be from the return air source only and should not be contaminated by air from the engine room, bilge, heads, holding tanks, etc. Placement of the unit should be adjacent to a low return air access from the area to be conditioned. Never install the unit in the engine room. This self-contained unit is furnished with a complete installation kit as shown in the diagram. Secure the unit on a horizontal surface sufficient for the weight of the unit and the rocking motion of the boat. Condensate drains must be routed downward without any kinks or restrictions to a sump or overboard discharge, and should be securely fastened as should all components of the system. All equipment should be properly grounded.

Digital control is standard. Analog also available.

Note: 77°F (25°C) is standard room temperature.

 1 Air Conditioner Base

 2 Air Conditioner Control Panel

 3 Black, white & green wires to shore power or generator

 4 Red, white, yellow, green & brown wires to electrical box

 5 Control probe to be attached to evaporator fin

 6 Electrical box

 7 Water condenser "in" from sea water pump discharge

 8 Water discharge "out" from condenser back to sea

 9 Two (2) ½" hose clamps (water in)

10 Two (2) ⅝" hose clamps (water out)

11 ⅝" hose to sea water pump discharge

12 ⅝" hose to thru-hull discharge fitting

13 Two (2) ⅝" hose clamps for water discharge

14 ⅝" plastic thru-hull discharge fitting

15 Two (2) ½" hose clamps for water discharge pump

  16 90" elbow from pump discharge

17 Sea water pump

18 Black, white & green wire harness to control panel from pump

19 Purple, white & green from control to be connected to pump (black wire connects to purple wire)

20 ¾" sea water strainer

21 2/4" threaded to ¾" barb fitting

22 Two (2) ¾" hose clamps

23 Two (2) ¾" hose clamps

24 ¾" hose

25 ¾" threaded to ¾" barb fitting

26 Ball valve

27 Bronze sea-cock

28 Air discharge plenum

29 4" non-insulated duct - 25 ft.

30 4" round grill for air discharge

31 return air grill

32 Optional supply grills

33 Optional grill box

For Units 12,000 and 16,000 BTU 3 supply duct kits are provided.
For units above 16,500 BTU 4 supply kits are provided.
No additional parts required. For systems over 16,500 BTU, Kit is optional.