Manufacturers of Marine and
Industrial Air Conditioners & Chillers

Digital Climate Controls

QU331B Digital Climate Control

QU331W Digital Climate Control

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Dimensional Diagram for the QU331 Digital Control

QU500B Digital Climate Control

QU500W Digital Climate Control

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Digital Touchscreen Control

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Dimensional Diagram for the QU700 Digital Control

TFT LCD Touchscreen Control

Dimensional Diagram for the QU600 Digital Control

QU288 Digital Control Quick Setup

Please follow these easy steps to use your thermostat

  • Step 1: Select "VAC HOLD" and press "SET".

  • Step 2: Program the temperature you wish by using the "UP and "DOWN" arrows.

  • Step 3: Push the "SET" button.

  • Step 4: "365d" should appear ont the screen.

  • Step 5: Press the "SET" button.

  • QU400 Analog Controller

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