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To download a PDF copy click on the buttom

To download a PDF copy click on the buttom

To download a PDF copy click on the buttom

Basic Wire Diagrams
Up to 16.7k, 20.0k and above

Wires labeled "Main Power In" must be connected to the main power in terminal on the unit.

Wires marked "To Water Pump" must be connected to the output line on the power terminal.

Wires marked "To Thermostat" must be connected only to the thermostat.

NOTE: All wires are color-coded. Wires must be connected to corresponding colors. Failure to do so could cause damage to the unit and may void warranty. For Further assistance, contact 1-866-227-7773 or (772) 220-0038

NOTE: FOR ALL 18,500, 20,000 AND 22,000 BTU UNITS 120 VOLT

There must be two 20-amp shore power sources. Power source number one is for the fan, a/c unit and pump in the cooling mode. THIS SOURCE IS ALSO FOR THE FIRST STAGE OF THE HEAT.

Power source number 2 is ONLY FOR THE SECOND STAGE OF THE HEAT. Heat output will be deficient if only one stage of the heat is connected.

If you have a 20,000 BTU unit or higher with "2 Stage Heat"

there is a seperate connection for "Heat Stage 2 Power In"

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